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Figma mask (not frame)

While frame has a built-in clip content property, figma also has a traditional graphics tool masking layer just like in photoshop.

Figma mask on youtube

A slightly bizarre structure

While frame and other code implementation (css container or flutter clip) has a straight forward hierarchical structure, masking in design tool does not have a hierarchical structure.

Here is a example of how making works

| (mask) | a | b | d | e | f | g     -- none will be masked
| a | b | (mask) | d | e | f | g -- a, b will be masked
| a | b | d | e | f | g | (mask) -- all will be masked

A target masking layer will have property isMask set to true.


Web - css

With Positioning + overflow hidden

/* wip */


With Stack + clipBehaviour

// wip

With ClipRect | CipRRect | ClipPath

// wip