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Figma Boolean operation and how to handle it.

Theoretically, svg support for boolean operation is possible. But, we don't support this on remote version of design to code.

Boolean operation is most used when making a vector shape combining rects / circles / and poligons, thus it can also be used with any other node such as image. So the most efficient way to support boolean operation is to making everything boolean as a image snapshot, embeding it as a artwork.

On plugin version, we would still interpret this as a sort of a artwork, but in a svg data form.


Exceptional Constraint behavior of BooleanOperation

Boolean operation is a node contains a children with a operation type contained. The layout of Boolop is same as Group. The container itself does not have a constraints, only its children has one. The problem begins here. Designers often use Group to make something behave like a stack, but it can also have a mixed constraints. In this case, for group, we can simply break the group and make each children relative to original container(group)'s parent.

But for BooleanOperation, it is purely for representing a graphical resource, so we don't support mixed constraints. it will fallback to most occurrencing constraint or left top by default.


  • Lint: Mixed constraints for BooleanOperation is not allowed. (align constraints or use Group / Frame instead)

TL;DR Falls back to artwork

  • svg in plugin
  • png in remote