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Clean Design for Clean Code

Do the Design

In this guide, we assume that you have your own ready-to-go design. If you want to design from scratch, you can start with the following tutorial:

Run lints & Fix problems

What is design lint and why do you need it? Design lint is a concept for making all visible and invisible part of the design more consistent.

Witout lint, you might counter following issues:

  • Non responsive design; breaking layout when resizing.
  • Ambitious Names like Frame13 or Rectangle411
  • Unused elements
  • Missing TextStyles
  • And More

Run design lint with Grida Assistant figma plugin on your design instantly.

The good part of this is that, with Grida Assistant, you can instantly view the result code.

You can iterate this process until your design is ready for production, once this part is done, you'll have layout-perfect; behind-the-scene-perfect design.