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Your design is your server

Grida provides built in cloud CMS for your design. Which means not only for sharing design fies, it enables you to ubload contents of your design and use it as your backend.

Skip it

  • Skip your CDN server development since you have so much others things to do.
  • Skip your CMS admin page development since it's already here.
  • Skip your copy / paste texts from design to excel / project since the translation, i18n support is built in.
  • Skip your S3/Storage setup for your app since it's here with beautiful ready-to-use interface.

Translations & Text Management

Assets Management - Icons, Fonts, Pictures and Illustrations in one place

It's hard to manage your in-app assets. We often choose from below.

  • Google drive / Dropbox
  • S3 & Custom admin page
  • No such thing

We can't build an solid application with Dropbox / G Drive. It has ease of access for everyone but can be expensive and honestly, we don't want to. Designers have others things to do. They can't learn how to use S3 or Git. Developers, It's not your companies job to make your custom CMS solution. That's time consuming and not what the company found for.

Versioning, globallization, share and preview in one place. Based on your design.

Via Grida Console Asset Management, you can manage your app assets based on your design, for all countries all languages and all promotions that you're running.


S3, A simpls storage, but not so simple.

Is it Price effecient?

We don't make a single dime for a storage. We wanted to make our service for all ranges and stay elligable. The payment policy is to require excact same amout of AWS Service fee with no extra monkey business charges.

Yes for two reasons.

  • The price is same as using AWS Directly
  • You can save Approx at least \$5,000 and 2 months from creating your own CMS / Storage page.

Grida Cloud Platform

Above all is part of Grida cloud platform. learn more and find out our other useful resources that are ready to plug in to your app.