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What is Scene?

We have this terminology - "Scene". Scene is a collection of layers, which can be represented as a Screen or a Component.


  • Text or Shape is not a Scene.
  • Frame is a Scene. (optionally)
  • Page or Screen is a Scene. (which is Frame)
  • A Component is a Scene.
  • A Variant Set is not a Scene.
  • A Variant is a Scene.
  • A Instance is not a Scene.

What's special about the Scene?

  • Scene is a unit of sharing
    • Once a Node or a Layer is registered as a Scene, you can share
    • You cannot share a Single Text Node.
  • Scene is a root, a absolute positioner reletive to its' children
    • When you convert a lyer inside some frame to code, Let's say a Frame, this frame's position will be relative to it's first scene-parent.
  • Scene is a unit of processing, This is to prevent recursive generation of code.

Now we have a clear understanding among layers, scenes and components, we can move on to the next step.