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Contributing to Grida

Grida is an open source project. We are a group of outstanding designers and developers from all over the world, creating new underlying technologies to save creators' time every day.

Get involved

  • Create a great service using Grida.
  • Please participate in Grida's design project.
  • Please participate in the Grida UI Research project.
  • You can contribute through Issue resolution. The Good first issue tagged from the GitHub is suitable for your first contribution.
  • Try to translate or add/improve Grida Docs in your native language.

Contributing to Grida Docs

Grida's product consists of many parts and includes numerous usage scenarios. We are working hard to write high-quality documents so that as many people as possible can find a problem-solving solution that suits their situation.

You can write a manual of the product, a description of the technology, and an Aki reference, etc. Translation of existing documents into your native language is also a great help.

  • If you see a document on this site (, or if you have an ambiguous or out-dated document, you can modify it using the "Edit this page" button.
  • If you want to participate as a full-fledged translator, participate in the Grida Community Slack, enter the lets-docs channel. One of our manager will guide you through the process.

Solving Issues

Several Issues are waiting to be resolved. Many of these may be questionable problems, bugs, or Feature Requests. If you are the first to contribute through Issue resolution, you can find the Good first issue label and start solving it.

Contribute to New project / feature

You can be the next protagonist of a new feature / project.

You can develop new features or participate in new projects. After participating in the Grid Slack, please let @universe know your intention to participate!

Be part of the Research Program

Join the Grida Research Program.

You can do the following work.

  • A fundamental study on UI through vast amounts of existing design analysis.
  • UI dataset creation, labeling.
  • Research on Widget Catalog and Design System
  • ML-based design2code research and model development

If you're interested in any areas, join the Grida slack and contact @universe.

Join our team

We are always looking for someone who is excellent. If you want to join our team, feel free to contact us at with your introduction.