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grida flutter daemon

Starts a local flutter daemon server for grida web editor. With local daemon you can preview your flutter designs with no delay with hot reload.

To start,

grida flutter daemon

To kill, ctrl+c.


Once the daemon is running (default port 43070) the Grida web editor, for instance, will automatically use your local daemon server for building flutter apps.

You do not want to use other port than 43070 unless you're building your own client with @flutter-daemon/client

Do I need to run this command?

It is recommended to run your own local daemon server for below reasons.

  • Much more faster (10x faster in general) - You might have tried and you know how slow it is to render.
  • Running flutter locally enables you to debug your flutter app.
  • Platform agnostic - this allows you to run flutter app other than web - (e.g. android, ios, mac, win, linux etc)

Yet we only support web-server for now. which means debugging and device mirroring is not supported at this moment.

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